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# of years practicing yoga: 15
# of years teaching yoga: 11
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Dr Prem Mehta is a regular Yoga practitioner and a qualified Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing Yoga for last ten years and her academic interest in Yoga bought her one year Diploma and a Master’s degree in Yoga.

She started Yoga as a weight reduction technique for herself, however, religiously practice of Yoga yielded her success beyond expectations. This inspired her to master the Yoga practices and take it forward through “Manas” Yoga Classes for well being of society at large.

Manas specializes in weight reduction and pre and post partum care through Yoga exercises with a holistic approach towards overall health of the individual practitioner.

Yoga is so diverse that there is plenty of room for interpretation from one person to the next, even within the same classroom, Manas works with individual client to attain their own pace.

The Yoga centre expects disciplined and regular practice of Yoga to bring about positive physical changes such as balance weight and muscle flexibility, mental stillness, awareness and sharpness which further leads to positive aura and improvement in overall personality.

It provides personalized care and practice of Yoga according to individual’s physical and mental need. Apart from Yoga, Prem Mehta specializes in naturopathy and dieting. Clients of Manas Yoga Classes are encouraged to stay with nature to lead healthy and joyful life.

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